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/LiteChaser Pro | iPhone® 13 Pro/Pro Max



  • Newly-designed for iPhone® 13 Pro/Pro Max

  • MagSafe™ compatible.

  • All LiteChaser Pro 13 filters are compatible with the Ultra-Wide (0.5x), Wide(1x), and Telephoto (3x) cameras.

  • LiteChaser Pro 13 lenses are compatible with the (1x) and Telephoto (3x) cameras.

  • All lenses include filter adapter plates, allowing you to attach any LCP13 filter to your lenses.

  • LiteChaser Pro iPhone 13 Filters, Lenses and Grips are not compatible with older LiteChaser Pro Cases (iPhone 11 & 12).

  • The Bluetooth Shutter does not come included with the Grips, it must be purchased separately. (Note, it does come included with the Directors kit!).

  • Adventure Assurance™ - Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

New Filter Lineup

Our new filter offerings feature VNDs, Mist Diffusion, VND + Diffusion combos, and creative Morphic Streak options (blue/gold).

Future-Proof Design

LCP13 filters and lenses will be fully-compatible with future LiteChaser Pro models.

Updated Grip

The LCP13 Grip now features both a 1/4''-20 bottom thread and top cold shoe mount, perfect for mounting external accessories such as lights and mics.

iPhone 13/14 - CP Filter | LiteChaser Pro

Cuts glare and reflections while boosting saturation and contrast.

From $49.99

Bluetooth Shutter | LiteChaser Pro

An additional trigger device that can be attached to the LiteChaser Grip that serves as a wireless shutter for your iPhone.

From $29.99

iPhone 13/14 - Mist Filter | LiteChaser Pro

Give your content a dreamlike cinematic glow with ~1/4 diffusion.

From $49.99