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  • Dimension / Specs


412.5mm x 128.3mm x 98.9mm




120mm x 49.5mm x 16.07mm




200mm x 49.5mm x 16.07mm




116mm x 30mm x 15mm



  • FAQ

System Overview

Can I use a non-PolarPro video plate with Pivot?

There are some other video plates that will work with the quick release of Pivot, the lower video plate does however have to be a PolarPro video plate to properly engage with the shoulder pad. To use a non-PolarPro video plate on your camera do the following:

  1. Remove any plate from the Pivot quick-release.

  2. Make sure the large gold latch is in the closed position.

  3. Remove the provided hex key from the right side of the riser.

  4. Insert the hex key into the silver screw on the front end of the large gold quick-release latch and turn it counter-clockwise until the locking plate on the right side moves out far enough to slide your plate into the quick-release. Note, be careful not to over loosen this bolt or the cap screw on the lock plate can break.

  5. If using a plate like the Manfrotto 501, insert the hex key into the black set screw on the top rear of the quick-release and turn counter-clockwise until you feel a hard stop. This will prevent the plate from falling out of the front of the quick-release. For Ronin S style plates this is not necessary.

  6. Next, slide the plate into the quick-release until you hear a click. If there is no click or the plate cannot be slid into the quick-release then the plate is not compatible with Pivot.

  7. Tighten the silver screw on the front end of the large gold quick-release latch to the desired plate tension.

  8. Be sure to place the provided hex key back to it's original slot/location for safekeeping.

Where can I mount a monitor?

External monitors can be mounted to the system by using a rod clamping style attachment or by using the provided 1/4''-20 inserts located at the bottom of the two handles.

How do I mount a LWS mount to Pivot?

To mount an LWS mount simply do the following:

  1. To mount an LWS to Pivot, you will first need to remove the riser from the rods.

  2. Next, flip up the gold latches at the front of the riser that are concentric with the rods.

  3. Slide the riser assembly off the rods.

  4. Make sure the knobs of the LWS are loose, then slide it onto the rods to the desired location, then tighten.

  5. Slide the riser assembly back onto the rods in the proper orientation.

  6. Once in the desired location, close the gold latches at the front of the riser.

The provided rods aren't long enough, what can I do?

The included rods can be replaced with any length of 15mm rods that best fit your shooting situation. The included rods can also be extended (with our extension rods, sold separately) by removing the black threaded insert from one end of the rod and threading on the extensions. This can be useful when using extremely long lenses or setups with a battery pack on the rig.