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  • Dimension / Specs

LightChaser Pro | iPhone 15 Series


151.96mm x 78.88mm x 16.19mm



Case Material

TPE Rubber Interior, Polycarbonate Overmolded Exterior

Defender | Filter Mount Material

6061 CNC Aluminum

  • FAQ

Will my Lightchaser 13 and 14 Filters fit on the new iPhone 15 case?

Yes, they will fit when used with the LCP15 adaptor here. You just need to unthread the IP13/14 Mount and thread onto the new adaptor/14 Mount and thread onto the new adaptor

Will my LCP14 Grip work with this case?

Yes, the iPhone15 Pro and Pro Max Cases will work with your LCP14 Pro and Pro Max Grips.

Will my old BT Shutter work with the iPhone 15?


What is the difference between the LCP15 and LCP13/14 Filters?

The LCP15 filters are mounted to the new LCP15 Quick Release mechanism, these are for users who do not already have the LCP13/14 filters.

Can I mount my threaded filters to the LCP 15 Case?

Yes, you just need to purchase the 67mm adaptor and thread your favorite filter on. From then on you can quickly snap it on and off of your case.