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/LiteChaser Pro | iPhone® 14 Pro/Pro Max


LiteChaser Pro | iPhone® 14 Pro/Pro Max

Litechaser Pro 14 Kits:

Select your LightChaser kit. Additional Filters and individual parts are available on the Filters and Components page.

The iPhone® 14 Pro/Pro Max has yet again revolutionized the mobile content-creating space. Maximize your creative experience and push the boundaries of what a mobile phone can accomplish.

New Aluminum Cage

Built for various 1/4"-20 grip and accessory options.

Glass Made in Germany

Featuring a low refractive index, color neutrality, and perfect target transmission.

Moment® Lens Compatible

Both LCP14 Cages and Cases now accept Moment® Lenses, with filter adapters available for installing LCP13/14 filters on their lenses.

iPhone 14 Pro - Cage | LiteChaser Pro

The ultimate tool for taking full control over the iPhone 14 Pro, featuring a fully aluminum design, 8x 1/4"-20 mounting points, and 2x cold shoe mounts.

From $129.99

Bluetooth Shutter | LiteChaser Pro

An additional trigger device that can be attached to the LiteChaser Grip that serves as a wireless shutter for your iPhone.

From $29.99

iPhone 14 Cage Handle | LiteChaser Pro

The 1/4"-20 Handle for the LiteChaser Pro iPhone 14 Cage provides a fully-modular mounting point for capturing professional video content.

From $49.99