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Introducing a new collection of QuartzLine filters, perfect for creating incredible imagery straight out of camera; no post work necessary. From our industry-leading Neutral Density filters to new FX additions such as BlueMorphic and Mist, the QuartzLine lineup gives you all the creative tools needed for setting the mood.

Achieve cinematic, stylized blue flares without the need forexpensive anamorphic lenses.
Add visual interest to any scene's bright light sources withunlimited creative potential, all in-camera.
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Create cinematic, stylized warm flares without the need forexpensive anamorphic lenses.
Perfect for setting a calm, relaxing vibe and feel, all in-camera.
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Set the mood of your scenes with a beautiful diffused glowaround light sources and lit subjects. Available in two strengths.
Create dramatic cinema-like effects without sacrificingcontrast, color accuracy, or sharpness.
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Featuring industry-leading Neutral Density + Polarizer combo filters, standard NDs, Circular Polarizers and protective UV options. Explore the whole line of QuartzLine filter offerings.

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