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Maximize Your Content All Season Long

Dive Into Summer With These GoPro Essentials

We’re celebrating the the beginning of summer by releasing some new tools and inspiration you’ll need to maximize your content all season long. Photography during summer presents some unique photo opportunities, and with the help of our Summer Essentials Gear Guide you can capture some legendary moments in and under the waves. 

Best Underwater GoPro Filters 

GoPro is considered the leading action camera in the industry, and while it does an excellent job capturing content on land, it tends to have some drawbacks when it comes to underwater photography. In order to elevate your underwater content, color correcting filters are a necessity when trying to maintain the integrity of your shot. Whether you are a novice in underwater photography or a serious cinematographer, these products are a must this summer.


Redesigned and packed with new features, the SwitchBlade7's interchangeable macro + red/magenta filters allow you to capture creative close-ups and vibrant tropical colors. 


The   DiveMaster Filter Kit is a two filter color-correction set, featuring both a red and magenta filter. This setup features a RapidLock hinge, allowing you to quickly swing the filter in and out of your composition as water depth and conditions change. 


In short, light and color behave differently underwater since water acts a selective color filter. As you descend below the surface light starts to fade away, and as a result, the further the light travels the more that light color is altered. In order to remedy this issue, a color correcting filter helps bring the color of the image back to normalcy. 

Over/Under Dome for GoPro Hero7/6/5 Black


The FiftyFifty is the perfect accessory to capture those epic half over/underwater shots this summer. The dome works by moving the water line away from the GoPro lens, which enables the GoPro to capture half of the image underwater and half over. 

Example FiftyFifty Over/Under Shots

Our new and improved underwater GoPro accessories are the perfect addition to any summer adventure.  We are stoked to see you capture perfection this summer and would be happy to help you find the right setup for all your diving needs, so don't hesitate to reach out by emailing

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Carly San Filippo
Marketing Associate at PolarPro