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Capturing breathtaking landscape photography may require the implementation of some pretty impressive filters, but to take your photos to an elevated level of perfection requires certain know-how on how to control several elements of light and when to use filters to achieve your desired effect.

Some of the best filter solutions you will find for landscape photography are neutral density (ND) filters, graduated filters, and circular polarizer (CP) filters. Each is purposed specifically to handle various lighting conditions, but with the way things naturally exist in the outdoors, not one type of lighting covers an extensive range or manipulates objects the same way. To effectively capture several types of lighting conditions in one setting, one would have to implement several types of filters altogether. This can be done with the assistance of an innovative filter system.

So for precision light control over your landscape photography, let’s talk about filter systems that incorporate several photography filters which can work together all at once, to breathe actual life into your photos and tell a story without the need for any postproduction enhancements.

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PolarPro’s Summit Landscape Filter System

The Summit Landscape filter system from our collection is designed specifically for the landscape photographer. It combines three types of photography filters into one holder component – these are the circular polarizer, neutral density filter, and graduated filter.

Photographers can choose from a selection of each, whether through a custom kit or any of the pre-assembled options from either the Landscape or Artisan kit. What you’ll get with the Summit system is an integrated circular polarizer filter, a series of neutral density filters, (from ND8, ND64, ND1000 to ND100k), and a selection of graduated neutral density filters, (from ND4-GR & ND8-GR to the ND4-HGR & ND8- HGR and ND8-RGR).

With a variety of filter options such as these, your landscape photography adventure virtually has no limits. The Summit system is optimized to offer a significant amount of light control while unlocking some dynamic accentuating effects through their extensive filter range.

Circular Polarizer Filter

The unit’s integrated circular polarizing filter not only enhances the color saturation and vibrancy of objects that are outdoors but also captures very fine details by reducing the reflective glare caused when light hits at certain angles.

The Summit circular polarizer (CP) filter also reduces the effects that cause darkening or hazing on images while increasing contrasts. So if you need to make clouds pop on a bleak day or highlight the characteristics of rock formation by a riverbed then the polarizer is the filter to achieve this.

Landscape Photography Filters, Landscape Filters, ND filter for landscape photography

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Landscape Photography Filters, Landscape Filters, ND filter for landscape photography

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Neutral Density Filters

Our ND filters series for the Summit system offers an extensive range of filters for controlled lighting without the worry of ever over-exposing a shot. Though colorless, these neutral density filters are engineered with hyper-neutral light reduction technology that will significantly cut out high levels of bright light in any weather or outdoor condition during long exposure compositions. This makes it possible to shoot stills and video at wider aperture openings without affecting the shutter speed while ensuring color reproduction is fully neutral. Our collection of PolarPro filters are the most upgraded and sophisticated units you will find on the market today. Users can expect products made of the finest quality materials, lightweight designs, and deliberate enhancements that optimize durability and use.

These are also the best type of filters to capture moving objects in landscape photography. The slowing in shutter speed, for instance, blurs the motion of water so that it looks sleek and dreamlike, or accentuates clouds so they appear velvety and smooth.

Graduated Filters

The Summit system’s graduated filter series are the rectangular drop-in types, which fit into the extreme front section of the unit to allow for greater hands-on control. This way you can shift the darker ratio of the filter so that it falls within the range of an image. As the term suggests, these filters are clear on one end and gradually darken towards the other, making it particularly expedient in balancing the exposure of the sky and ground during sunrise as well as sunset. 

There are various gradient levels of optical density from which to choose so that you can tackle even the harshest lighting conditions to enhance dynamic range. The graduated neutral density filter for the Summit is also made of tempered quartz glass with a hyper-neutral coating to ensure your composition turns out exactly how you envisioned it would.

Landscape Photography Filters, Landscape Filters, ND filter for landscape photography

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Landscape Photography Filters, Landscape Filters, ND filter for landscape photography

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Landscape Photography Filters, Landscape Filters, ND filter for landscape photography

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Precision Filter Control With The Summit Landscape System

By incorporating three of the best type of filters for your landscape photography, the Summit Landscape filter system is definitely one of the smartest options out there to really get a grip on all the different elements of light that you will encounter on your outdoor excursions. The entire unit is deliberately optimized to offer innovation like no other with a reinvented slim and compact design and optically superior products to enable precision light control.

Compared to traditional landscape filter systems, the Summit is equipped with features to challenge even the most seasoned photographers and cinematographers in the game. Yet, one should not be intimidated by its design, the unit is completely user-friendly and allows for easy handling.

The construction is engineered with remarkably lightweight aluminum material. The complete assembly incorporates the core, hood, and thread plate alternatives with your choice of filters. Each filter of the Summit is also built into a lightweight aluminum frame and though this makes it easy and convenient to swap out the filters on the go, their use with the other components of the system still provides an overall lightweight structure. So if you’re concerned about packing on too much gear on your camera for those fast-paced sets, then there isn’t much to worry about with this unit.


The Summit Landscape filter system has kits for the landscape enthusiast as well as creatives of fine art and particularly photographers that require long-exposure shooting. So if you’d like to switch up your gear to take on other photography exploits in the outdoors, the Summit system is a pretty resourceful solution for the adventure-driven filmmaker heading out into the unknown.