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The Reviews Are In

It is now 6 months post-launch of our Peter McKinnon Variable ND Filter, and with a name as big as McKinnon’s we made sure our collaborative, custom filter lived up to the hype. With quality to back it up, the Peter McKinnon VND has outperformed filters from some of the most competitive brand names in the industry. We are excited that our collaboration with McKinnon has been a success; however, the real testimonials come from fellow creators. 


Gerald Undone

“Tremendous performance from a Variable ND, and one of the best I have ever seen.” 

Tyler Stalman

“I liked it so much I bought another one, because it’s incredibly useful.”

Dunna Did It

“With PolarPro filters you’re not putting some cheap crappy glass in front of your nice glass and ruining it. You’re putting super high-quality quartz glass in front to retain that quality."

Written by Carly San Filippo
Copywriter at PolarPro