Members of the PolarPro team recently made the 430 mile trek from our HQ in Southern California to Zion National Park in Utah. For those unfamiliar with Zion National Park, it is the oldest national park in Utah and what makes it unique is its geological features that were formed more than 250 million years ago creating some of the iconic scenes that we will be sharing with you in this article. Our team set out to share what filters are most often used on photography trips similar to this one; including when and why you should use polarizing filters and neutral density filters, and they’ll also share some advice that we’ve learned shooting with these filters in our own landscape photography.

Understanding Neutral Density Filter Use In Landscape Photography - Zion National Park Edition

Our explorers set out along the Grotto trail, and used the time to utilize one of the more common photography filters - the neutral density, or ND filter.

The ND filter is great for situations where you want to reduce shutter speed, such as when shooting in bright conditions or to capture the sunrise or sunset in a timelapse image. ND filters are available in different "strengths"; the darker the filter means that less