After an epic couple days hiking and filming in Zion National Park, the PolarPro team extended this journey another 300 miles east to Arches National Park, north of Moab, Utah. Boasting over 2,000 sandstone arches that have been forming for millions of years, including the double arch which will be the first stop for the team. While hiking around Zion National Park, our team  applied ND filters to capture images of various landscapes; in this article we plan to demonstrate the use of ND filters in video to produce smooth motion blur effect on moving subjects or objects similar to when shooting still images.

The Double Arch

Equipped with a PolarPro QuartzLine ND8, ND16, and the ND64/PL the duo headed out for the first stop within Arches National Park. Once they reached the double arch, the first shoot would be using the ND16. With a reduced shutter speed of 1/120th and the frames per second set accordingly to 60fps to ensure the 180 degree rule is met. With the aforementioned settings and a plan to keep the aperture open produces a shallow depth of field and focus on the subject of your video while ensuring a natura